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A good fit

Here at Boughey, we know how consolidation can be done most effectively. With years of experience, we look at how consolidation of loads means that every journey our trucks take is making the most of its capacity. To hone our consolidation capabilities, we have put the system under the microscope. In...

Posted on 2nd May, 2019 | Continue reading

A varied pallet

We do not know what we would do without pallets. This handy – often timber – transport device is used to make it easier for products to be bundled together and moved around. They are designed to be easily lifted by machinery such as a forklift truck, a jack or even a crane, and can stand some hefty...

Posted on 23rd April, 2019 | Continue reading

May Day, May Day!

It needn’t be a big panic on the Bank Holidays, when shopping hours change, staff require holidays and there’s often a great deal of disruption on the roads – as all those Sunday Drivers get to exercise their skills on a Monday. But these sudden, irregular changes to shopping habits can become...

Posted on 15th April, 2019 | Continue reading

Eggstra special service this Easter

Easter is an incredibly busy time of year, especially for confectioners and their supply chain. It’s no yolk that when the Easter Bunny hops over the horizon, stock has to equal demand. Shoppers must be able to shell out their hard-earned cash, or retailers will be left with (chocolate) egg on their...

Posted on 1st April, 2019 | Continue reading

Considerate driving makes the difference

Our drivers spend a great deal their lives out on the road and it’s easy to take things for granted. Aspects of driving, such as consideration for other vehicles and being courteous to other road users, could easily become forgotten. But Boughey drivers are trained to the highest standards and only...

Posted on 25th March, 2019 | Continue reading

Accredit to our industry

British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation manages packaging, storage and distribution in the same way as the manufacturing of food products themselves. In an effort to continually and fully regulate the food industry, BRC Global Standards are governed through a number of technical committees made...

Posted on 20th March, 2019 | Continue reading

The smart way to travel

Smart motorways are becoming an intrinsic part of our road network. At their best, they maximise infrastructure, reduce noise and pollution, and make journey times more reliable, without the expensive cost incurred by road widening. This system is also known as ATM (Active Traffic Management), managed...

Posted on 14th March, 2019 | Continue reading

Fair enough – Fairtrade Fortnight

The importance of Fairtrade has grown considerably over the years. When the Fairtrade movement began in earnest in the 1960s, it was seen as a political gesture. It has now also come to stand for fairness, prosperity, equality and quality – and is celebrated annually in Fairtrade Fortnight.The international...

Posted on 4th March, 2019 | Continue reading

Boughey – the next generation

Boughey is committed to ensuring the expertise and knowledge its drivers and operatives have gained during their employment is retained for future generations. One of the best ways of doing this is by taking on apprentices, who learn their ‘trades’ in a workplace environment that provides a much...

Posted on 27th February, 2019 | Continue reading

Keeping track – the importance of batch traceability

With the recent media attention and public concerns regarding food safety, hygiene standards and labelling, it has never been more important for manufacturing businesses, particularly food-based, to understand and demonstrate their products’ provenance.To aid the high level of visibility required,...

Posted on 19th February, 2019 | Continue reading

UK launch for Tony’s Chocolonely marks a step-change for the chocolate industry

Dutch-based chocolate bar company Tony’s Chocolonely has chosen Boughey Distribution as the hub of its launch into the UK confectionery market. The chocolate company launched in the UK on 14 January 2019, having successfully entered the US market three years ago. The chocolate bars are already distributed...

Posted on 11th February, 2019 | Continue reading

Space: The Final Frontier

With an ever-greater squeeze on warehouse space, it’s important to make the most of what you have available and maximise your storage potential. If you’re reaching full capacity in your warehousing facility, you’re running at a filled capacity of 80-85% occupied area. The nature of demand these...

Posted on 28th January, 2019 | Continue reading

Going to Pot: The Journey of the Teabag

From its earliest days in China, to the mass-produced brews of today, many of us enjoy a relaxing cuppa as a break from it all. Tea is prepared in two ways – either in a pot, using tea leaves, or in a cup, mug or pot using tea bags. Tea bags are usually small, square or round, made of paper (or sometimes...

Posted on 14th January, 2019 | Continue reading

Keeping wagons rolling through the winter

There’s no more challenging time of year to be driving a truck than the dark months of winter. The pitch-black early morning starts, the short travelling days and lack of daylight all change the road conditions considerably for at least two months of the year – with the possibility of inclement weather...

Posted on 14th January, 2019 | Continue reading

Fin to tin, a fishy tale

Whether it’s a place for plaice, a portion of salmon or plain old cod and chips, fish is among the most popular staple food in the UK. Research shows that we are eating more fish than a generation ago, with per-head consumption about 2% higher than 1975. Health concerns and availability are two key...

Posted on 17th December, 2018 | Continue reading

Cold northerly, with risk of snow

The first snowflakes of winter 2018 have already landed in the north of England, so as we prepare for this year’s dark nights and winter weather, it’s worth remembering your winter driving safety tips. Regardless of whether you are driving a fully-loaded HGV or the family saloon there are certain...

Posted on 19th November, 2018 | Continue reading

Driving you bananas

Rich in starch, bananas and their cousin, the plantain, are one of the great health foods – whether as raw fruit or banana chips, or as a vital ingredient in cooking. There are plantations all over the world, but they are often grown and cultivated locally, as once picked they need to stay fresh. Bananas...

Posted on 12th November, 2018 | Continue reading

Staying Positive: Virtue Energy Water

Three years ago, Rahi Daneshmand launched a heathy ice tea brand. But life’s complicated and while running that business, he was working all hours. He found himself drinking a lot of coffee, which was great for taste, aroma and the ritual of ‘making a cuppa’ but wasn’t providing the energy levels...

Posted on 24th September, 2018 | Continue reading

Post 16 – what are your warehousing work opportunities?

Warehouse operations are a vital part of the transport and logistics sector. Taking care of goods coming into and goods going out from a warehouse requires logical and quick thinkers to be in charge to avoid expensive mistakes. Inventory management is key so that goods coming in have enough space for...

Posted on 17th September, 2018 | Continue reading

Up to the challenge

One of the most significant aspects of business is the rise of so-called challenger brands. These are companies that are not market leaders, nor are they niche brand names. They are ambitious and aim to become popular and challenge the market leaders for supremacy within their sectors. They also...

Posted on 10th September, 2018 | Continue reading

Bean on the Road: from seed to cup

We all enjoy a cup of coffee as a pick-me-up. When we’re undertaking long journeys, or just need that extra lift in a morning at work, having a cup of coffee can perk you up no end. But how many of us realise that that coffee has already been on a long journey itself, as it wends its way from seed...

Posted on 20th August, 2018 | Continue reading

Avoiding holiday panic

Holidays should be something for us all to look forward to. But all too often, the thought of a workmate being away is more of a worry than anything else for the staff left behind, who may not be totally familiar with their colleague’s responsibilities and workflow. Luckily, improvements in technology...

Posted on 20th August, 2018 | Continue reading

Important Investments: The Importance of Ports

UK trade links have never been more important than today and the ability to move freight easily and quickly is at the core of this. Goods need to be able to be imported easily and the proximity of distribution centres and warehousing is crucial to this. Boughey Distribution is ideally placed in the north...

Posted on 26th April, 2018 | Continue reading

Best bar none

Another of Boughey’s regular customers is Protein Dynamix. The company stocks all types of health-related nutrition snacks and protein powders, and sponsors Eddie Hall, a professional strongman, who currently holds the title of World’s Strongest Man and is the only man ever to deadlift half...

Posted on 23rd April, 2018 | Continue reading

A new KIND of tasty

One of Boughey’s exciting challenger-brand customers is KIND®, an innovative and conscientious food company which was originally set up in the United States 13 years ago and, since 2004, has grown into a $1 billion business, with about 100 products on offer.KIND launched in the UK two and a half years...

Posted on 16th April, 2018 | Continue reading

How to ‘Bee’ Healthier

One of our regular clients, Lucy Bee, is a specialist in healthier living and ethical lifestyles. Based in Hertford, the family business was set up by Philip Buckingham, whose daughter Lucy inspired the business’s name. She was also the inspiration for the company’s offering, as a result of her diagnosis...

Posted on 12th April, 2018 | Continue reading

New heights of efficiency for warehouse technology

You don’t become one of the UK’s leading warehouse, consolidation and distribution businesses without forging some great partnerships, both with customers and suppliers. One of our key suppliers of warehouse technology is UniCarriers, which has supplied us with some of the most vital pieces of kit...

Posted on 15th March, 2018 | Continue reading

From pod to plate - processing peas

The journey some of fruit and vegetables take to reach the supermarket and then our tables can be a varied and interesting one. Take the pea. This hugely popular veg – the UK’s most popular –  is grown and harvested to be sold as frozen or in tin cans in shops across the globe. They are also...

Posted on 5th February, 2018 | Continue reading

Innovation to stay ahead of the game

The supply chain and logistics sector is one that always needs to be aware of innovation and technology. With customers more demanding and expecting a guaranteed service, warehousing and logistics companies such as Boughey Distribution have embraced the latest and best technologies the sector has...

Posted on 24th January, 2018 | Continue reading

New year, new resolutions

It’s January once again, and time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Research has shown 80% of people manage to break their New Year’s resolutions by the end of the month. Some are easier to retain than others, depending on your determination, but there are some resolutions that are well...

Posted on 16th January, 2018 | Continue reading

A healthy start

MOMA Foods is one of the latest brands to become a Boughey customer. Manufacturing a range of healthy breakfasts, including porridge, muesli and smoothies, the company has been established for 12 years. Its founder, Tom Mercer, was determined to find an alternative to the unhealthy breakfasts on offer...

Posted on 11th January, 2018 | Continue reading

All packed up and ready to go

We’ve all seen those special promotional packs, haven’t we? Who hasn’t selected a case of beer with a free commemorative glass, or two packs of coffee bundled together for a better price? And what about the cookery kits that include everything you need to make that perfect meal?Promotional...

Posted on 11th January, 2018 | Continue reading

Great expectations

Technology and the internet have changed people’s perceptions of customer service and what constitutes a ‘satisfied customer’. But increased competition between sellers has also resulted in much higher expectations of the speed and accuracy of delivery to customers too.Nowadays, you can shop using...

Posted on 20th November, 2017 | Continue reading

A brief history of diesel

Diesel has been in the news a lot lately. As well as recent stories of car manufacturers hit by emissions cheating scandals, alleged links with air pollution and plans to phase out sales of diesel cars in the UK within the next 30 years, diesel has been dogged with drama since its very beginnings. Created...

Posted on 13th November, 2017 | Continue reading

Design for living – 21st century trucks

At first sight, the basic design of the lorry may not appear to have radically changed very much in the last few decades. A quick glance in the cab however will reveal that modern technology and ergonomic design specialists have transformed the driving experience beyond recognition.Last year, we made...

Posted on 6th November, 2017 | Continue reading

Dealing with seasonal spooks!

The UK was forecast to spend in the region of £310 million on Halloween in 2016. While this is a small figure compared to the $8.4 billion spent in the US at Halloween last year – or the average £77.56 billion spent at Christmas in the UK – it is still a very substantial amount. It cannot...

Posted on 2nd November, 2017 | Continue reading

Road safety

There has never been a busier time to be working on Britain’s roads, with thousands of vehicles doing hundreds of miles every day. When it comes to road freight, there are two classes of Heavy Goods Vehicle – HGV I refers to articulated outfits (tractor and trailer), while HGV 2 are rigid lorries....

Posted on 26th October, 2017 | Continue reading

The evolution of the service station

Our fleet travels the length and breadth of the country and many of our drivers are self-confessed experts when it comes to judging the best service stations on Britain’s busy roads. Our older drivers can certainly remember a time when making a stop at a services was something to be endured, rather...

Posted on 26th October, 2017 | Continue reading

Beans means tins!

A significant part of our 900,000 ft² of warehousing is devoted to the storage of thousands of tins. Tinned food has been a staple element of our country’s kitchens for centuries now. Although historically the novelty food of the wealthy and middle classes, as technology improved during the 19th century,...

Posted on 5th October, 2017 | Continue reading

From picking and packing to stacking, our overview of warehousing roles

Warehousing is a massive sector with a large number of career opportunities, whether you are a school-leaver and looking for your first job or looking for advancement or a sideways step from your current position. Warehousing responsibilities encompass a wide range of roles and include receiving and...

Posted on 27th September, 2017 | Continue reading

Going the distance - and saving fuel

Fuel consumption between vehicles varies considerably and it’s sensible to choose the most fuel efficient one you can. It’s good for your wallet and benefits the planet too. Although we are always being encouraged to drive less and use public transport or walk more, most of us rely on a car to get...

Posted on 21st September, 2017 | Continue reading

Having a crush on....Palletline

As members of Palletline we have joined the co-operative of around 90 members to provide cost-effective, reliable pallet distribution to thousands of businesses and customer addresses from six regional hubs. From single pallet delivery to up to a maximum of 10 pallets with half and quarter pallet sizes...

Posted on 13th September, 2017 | Continue reading

All wrapped up

Packaging is the one aspect of a product that we take for granted. It protects the product, sells the product, it convinces us to buy it and then it is discarded. Some packaging is seen by the end user, while other types are purely for protection and transportation. The disposability of packaging...

Posted on 7th September, 2017 | Continue reading

Making connections – thanks to multi-million pound infrastructure projects in the North West

A good location is absolutely key for any distribution business and at Boughey we are lucky to be situated in an absolutely prime position in the village of Wardle, just a short hop from Nantwich, with easy access to the M6 and from there, the whole of the UK motorway network. What’s more, we...

Posted on 6th September, 2017 | Continue reading

What’s so smart about a smart motorway?

Motorway drivers everywhere are familiar with that sense of impending doom when the traffic all around you slows to a stop and all you can see ahead are brake lights. Signs may advise you that you are at the start of 10 miles of ‘road improvements’, due to be complete within ‘five years’ which...

Posted on 6th September, 2017 | Continue reading

Fruitful Economy: The journey from plant to table via Boughey Distribution

Tinned or fresh pineapple was once considered to be a delicacy, but these days most people take the availability of this sweet, tropical fruit for granted. Whether rings or chunks, pineapples are one of the most versatile fruits and can be served raw or cooked.They are also high in vitamin C. How this...

Posted on 6th September, 2017 | Continue reading